Given below Sitemap allows easy Navigation through the website. Various Software Utilities are available for Download such as Auto Mouse Mover, Auto Clicker, Auto Mouse Click, Dual Monitor Software and more.The Software Utilities available for Download have been divided into categories whereever possible.

Auto Mouse Click, Mouse Clicker, Mouse Mover, and more Auto Mouse Utilities

Given below Mouse Cursor Automation Utilities are available for Download. Auto Mouse Click can be used to create a script to Click Mouse Cursor Automatically. Mouse Mover can be used to keep the Mouse Cursor moving continously. Mouse Clicker can be used to keep on clicking mouse cursor. Have a look at given below other Links on Mouse Cursor Automation Software Utilities.

Dual Monitor Software

Given below documents talks about Dual Monitors, Dual Monitor Software named MurGeeMon. The Links below describes various features of the Dual Monitor Software. Window Mover to move window from one to other Monitor, Enable or Disable Primary or Secondary Monitor, Seperate Wallpaper for dual Monitors and more features in this Dual Monitor Software.

Screen Savers

Have a look at the Screen Savers offered here. The MurGee Screen Saver is a real Screen Saver which can be used to turn off screen, display switch user screen and more. Timer Screen Saver can display digital countdown timer with configurable color and font options.

Network Controller, Display IP Address and more Network Related Software Utilities

System Utilities to allow easy control of your computer. Use Network Controller to view available Network Connections and also Enable / Disable selected Network. Display your IP Address with a small software download to view the IP Address as visible to other computer on Internet. Copy IP Address to Clipboard with Shortcut on Desktop.

Multiple Monitors

Given below documents talks about connecting Multiple Monitors to a single Computer. Connect Multiple Monitors to a Desktop or Laptop Computer. Hardware information such as Graphics Card Info, Dual Monitor Graphic Cards, Quad Monitor Graphics Card, USB Graphics Cards, Port Converter and other useful information for setting up and using Dual / Multiple Monitors with a single computer id discussed.

Other Links of Sitemap

Given below Links have not been categorised yet and hence appear here.

Screen Saver, Dual Display, Software Utilities for Mouse Click, and more : provides free and free to try software utilities. Download Dual Display Software Utility to get better control of your Multiple Monitors. Download Mouse Utilities to simulate mouse clicks or move mouse cursor automatically. Automate Single / Double Left or Right Mouse Clicks with Auto Mouse Click. Give a try to MurGee Screen Saver which unlike any other ScreenSaver can save your computer screen by turning it off. Download Timer ScreenSaver to display a digital countdown timer , save energy, save computer screen for single or multiple monitors connected to your computer system.