Screen Capture Software

Capture Screen image for full or partial screen easily. Resize and Relocate the main window of the screen capture software and click on capture screenshot to get the image below the transparent window of the capture screen software utility in .bmp format.

Screenshot of Screen Capture Software

How to Use Capture Screen Software

Given below steps will outline how to capture screen image using the screen capture software. Please do contact us in case you would like to see another feature in the screen capture software and we will try our best to get it implemented for you.

Whenever you capture the screen image using the Capture ScreenShot button, the application will minimize automatically. The Software's main window can be restored using the taskbar icon. The Capture Screen Software works well with Single, Dual and Multi Monitor Windows Computers running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, etc and yes on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. You wil notice that the dimensions of the window in pixels are displayed on the main screen of the software and are updated automatically whenever you resize the application window either by dragging corners or using the arrow keys. Real Time Dimension update of the window size will tell you in advance of the image size that you are about to capture. The Screen Capture Software's application window will remember it's size and location, so when you launch the software again, it will resize itself automatically and will present itself at the last location on your windows computer screen.

In case you are using Windows 7, you can even pin the icon of the Capture Screen Software to TaskBar or to a configurable Jump List our Jump List Software and in case you are using Dual Monitors connected to you windows computer, you can get full control of your dual monitors with our Dual Monitor Software.

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