MurGee Screensaver

Screensaver offered here can be real Screen / Power Saver. The Screensaver can be used to save electricity / power. Screensaver is easily configurable using Screen Saver properties as for other Screensavers. You can also use this Screen Saver as LogOn Screen Saver to Turn Off Screen (only turn off screen supported when working as LogOn Screensaver) whenever nobody is logged onto your computer or workstation.

How to Configure MurGee Screensaver

MurGee Screensaver Settings

Given below screen shot of MurGee Screensaver displays easy to configure options for the screen saver. Other actions available include Logging of the Signed on User, Shutting Down of Computer, Displaying a Blank Screen, Hibernate Computer, and of course Shutting Down of the Monitor only without disturbing the applications running on the computer.

Screenshot of MurGee Screen Saver Settings Screen

MurGee Screensaver Registration

The Screensaver offered here is free to try software download. The screen saver will work without any limitations upto 20 times, after which it will warn that the trial uses have been completed and the screen saver will not work afterword. There are no advertisements, no nagging screens , no locked features in the screen saver. You can register your copy of screen saver easily using credit or debit card or with a paypal account, by paying in $10.00 only and use it for upto 3 Months from the Date of Payment.

MurGee Screensaver Features