LogOn Screen Saver Changer

The LogOn Screen Saver can be configured to be launched by Windows Operating System whenever no user is logged onto the computer / workstation. However not every Screen Saver can work as Log On Screen saver. Many Screen Savers including provided with Windows require Direct X and they may not work as Log On Screen Saver. Given below screenshot displays Log On Screen Saver Changer with Timer Screen Saver configured as LogOn Screen Saver. Given below document specifies how to Change LogOn Screen Saver , Disable LogOn Screen Saver, and change idle time of the LogOn Screen Saver.

Screenshot Log On Screen Saver Changer Utility

How to View / Modify Log On Screen Saver

The Log On Screen Saver can be viewed / modified using LogOn Screen Saver Changer Utility. The utility comes as an addon with our Dual Monitor utility named MurGeeMon . Given below procedure outlines how to view or change LogOn Screen Saver using the utility presented here.

Disable LogOn Screen Saver

In Order to disable the LogOn Screen Saver, navigate and click to Start Menu - > MurGeeMon - > Disable LogOn ScreenSaver. Disabling LogOn Screen Saver requires admin priviledges and hence you may get UAC prompt, once you do provide the required input to the prompts, this action would Disable LogOn ScreenSaver. Now onwards no Screen Saver is launched when no user has logged onto the computer.

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