Multiple Monitors

Multiple Monitors is the use of more than one Monitors (Computer Display, Television Set or Projectors) connected to a single computer system, allowing for an interface with with more than one program running on one computer system simultaneously. Besides increasing productivity, it expands the visible viewing size (extra screen real estate). Instead of being limited to viewing 1280 * 1024 of a single 19" monitor, you could view 2560 * 1024 on two monitors, etc. Know more about computer monitors with a brief introduction about LCD / CRT Monitors.

When using Multiple Monitors connected to a Laptop or Desktop, one Monitor serves as the primary display device and the logon, while the secondary monitor could display the same program or another program that is running simultaneously.

A good possible configuration for multiple monitors can be to place all the monitors facing the viewer at the same distance. Monitors could be the CRT or LCD type. Resolution of individual monitor in a multiple monitor setup can be adjusted individually using display settings of Control Panel.

Uses and Benefits of having Multiple Monitors

Large places like Airports, Railway Stations, Banks, etc, do have evident benefits of connecting multiple monitors to their computer systems. For large places, connecting multiple monitors to computer systems and placing computer monitors / display devices all over the place or at designated areas might be considered as need and not a royalty. Having Multiple Monitors connected to your computer system can have numerous benefits . You can get increased work area, flexibility, improved productivity and other numerous benefits when using multiple monitors depending on your usage of your computer.

History, Current and Future

The History, Current and Furure document talks about computer monitors as they existed in the past. Few words on current situation about computer monitors is included to evaluate multiple monitors as they exist as of this writing. The document also talks about the future and possible enhancements in future for using multiple monitors. The document also talks about the cost of computer monitors for setting up a multiple monitor computer system.

Hardware Requirements for Setting up Multiple Monitors

The Hardware Requirements documents talks about required hardware for setting up Multiple Monitors on a Desktop or Laptop. The document also outlines the hardware which can be readily connected to either hardware or laptop with minimal efforts, enabling your computer to display output on multiple monitors or display devices.

Monitor Ports

Information about Monitor Ports is required in case you are planning to add more monitors to your computer making it a multiple monitors computer system. In order to connect a computer monitor to a computer, you would need to match Monitor Port type with the Port type available in your internal / external graphics card of your desktop or laptop. For matching ports, inexpensive port converters are also available.

Dual Monitor Software

Get Dual Monitor Software and get better control over your Multiple Monitors. Select and apply different background for each monitor instead of using the same image as the background of all the monitors. Control Power State of your Monitors, change monitor or display settings easily and quickly and much more.

Free Wallpapers for Multiple Monitors

Download Free Multiple Monitor Wallpapers and save them to a folder. You can easily set downloaded free wallpapers as desktop background by selecting the file and clicking on Set as desktop background. The Wallpaper collection is a growing collection and will grow, as of now the free wallpapers section contain has wallpapers for single display and multiple / dual displays.

Other Software Utilities

Navigate to MurGee Home and get Mouse Cursor Automation Utilities, Power Saving ScreenSaver, and much more.