Display IP Address

This document talks about a small free to try Software Utility which can Display your IP Address as visible to the outside world. The Software Utility is named as Display IP Address which displays IP Address of your Computer in a small pop up window. The Main Window of the Software Utility remembers it's last location so when you move the IP Address Window and start it next time, the IP Address window will pop up at the last moved location on the Computer Screen.

Note : The IP Address Displayed by the Software Utiliy is not Realtime, so if your IP Address Changes you would need to relaunch the Software Utility to view the changed IP Address. The Software utility displays IP Address at the time of the launch of the Software Utility.

Download IP Address Software

Download Display IP Address Software Utility and try it for free. In case you do like it and do wish to remove the trial usage limitations, you can register your copy by paying in $8.76 Only and use it for upto 3 Months on 1 Windows Computer.

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