Auto Typer

The Auto Typer Software Utility can be used to type Text on Keyboard with a configurable Hot Key or Shortcut Key. Example Usage of Auto Typer may be to fill a form which requires fixed set of values. You can Simulate Tab Key using {Tab} text and similarly you can use the text {Enter} to simulate the Enter Key. Please do have a look at the Screenshot of Auto Typer which lists few example usages. The Video Tutorial of MurGee Auto Typer displays how easily you can start using this software for Automatic Typing on your Windows Computer.

Main Screen of Auto Typer

Download Auto Typer Software Utility, try it for Free and Automate repetitive Text Typing with control over Keystrokes pressed. Type automatically with configurable speed using Keystrokes with current Keyboard Laytout or Unicode Characters using configurable Keyboard Shortcut Key. The Auto Typer works with and without .NET installed on Windows Computers. Yes the Auto Typer works on Windows 11, Windows 10 and other versions of Windows like Windows 8.1, etc. After Usage of Free Trial, you can Pay USD 8.76 and Unlock Software Trial on 1 Computer and use it for Upto 3 Months from the Date of Payment.

Auto Typer sits in System Tray and can be launched from System Tray Icon or by clicking on Desktop Shortcut. Launch Auto Typer from System Tray Icon, Click on Add New button, define the desired Hot Key, add comments, specify the text and click on OK on the Screen.

Now onwards whenever you press the configured Kyeboard Shortcut / Hot Key, the corresponding text will be typed on to the Keyboard. In case you have Notepad Window Open, you will see the text in Notepad Window and same for any other program / application.

Use Auto Typer to type single or multiple Text Sentences Automatically

In case you would like to automatically type in multi line text then you can use either of the given below formats, actual format will depend on the software on which you are typing. , the

Auto{Enter}Typer : The word {Enter} is used to simulate Enter Key pressing on keyboard so this format will work on notepad like application.

Automatic+{Enter}Typing : This format uses the + sign which here means pressing of Shift Key on Keyboard, so actually here you would be automating typing of the word Automatic then Shift + Enter and then typing the word Typing.

Automate^{Enter}Keyboard : Here all remains the same as in the above format, however instead of the Shift Key, here the Ctrl Key will be pressed.

Auto Talker to Type Text Messages Automatically

Screenshot of Auto Talker

Auto Talker is another similar Auto Typer which works using a Timer and can type multiple text messages automatically with a single Keyboard Shortcut. This can be useful when you want Multiple Text sentences to be typed onto the Active Application with delay in between Text Sentences.

Download Free Trial of Auto Talker by on your Windows Computer with .NET installed. Whether you are running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, or any other Windows Version, the Auto Talker will simply work fine with the help of .NET installed. After Free Trial Usage, you can Unlock Software Trial on 1 Windows Computer by Paying in USD 8.76 only and use it for Upto 3 Months from the Date of Payment.

Special Keyboard Keys that can be Automated using Auto Typer and Auto Talker

Given below key combinations can also be automated by Auto Typer apart from typing in text. Just select the appropriate key combination from left and use the code given in the right hand side of the given below table. The Enter Key Combination can be seen in the figure above.

Key Combination Text for Key Combination
Backspace {BACKSPACE}, {BS}, or {BKSP}
Break Key {BREAK}
Simulate Caps Lock {CAPSLOCK}
Press del or Delete Key {DELETE} or {DEL}
Press Down Arrow Key {DOWN}
Press left Arrow Key {LEFT}
Press Page Down {PGDN}
Press Page Up {PGUP}
Press Print Screen Key {PRTSC}
Press F1 to F16 Key Combinations Use {F1},{F2},....{F16}
Press Tab {TAB}
Press Escape Key {ESC}
Press Enter {ENTER} or ~
Press Shift Key +
Press Ctrl Key ^
Press Alt Key %
Press Alt + Tab %{TAB}
Press Alt + Tab + Tab %({TAB}{TAB})
Press Ctrl + C ^C
Press Ctrl + V ^V
Shift + F10 to Invoke Right Click on Selected +{F10}
Plus Sign {+}
Percentage Sign {%}
Example A{+}B{%} will Actually Type A+B%
End Key {END}

Auto Keyboard : Another Keyboard Automation Software

Main Screen of Auto Keyboard

Auto Keyboard is another automation software that can automate pressing of a single key n number of times. Auto Keyboard is basically an Auto Key Presser can be really handy when you wish to press a single key really fast and keeping the key pressed does not fits the purpose and you have to manually press and depress a single key such as Space Bar, Enter Key, etc.

Auto Clicker Software Download to keep on Mouse Cursor Clicking. Mouse Mover and more Mouse Cursor Automation Utilities.