Hardware Requirements for Connecting Multiple Monitors to Desktop

This document talks about the requirements for setting up Multiple Monitor connected to a Desktop computer system. Hardware Requirements, choosing the correct Operating System and optionally 3rd party software utilities are few of the things that can be considered when setting up multiple monitors on a desktop and using them efficiently.

Hardware Requirements

This section of the document talks about the hardware requirements for setting up multiple monitors. In order to setup multiple monitors on a Desktop, you would need sufficient monitors or other display devices.

Display Devices / Monitors

In case you are looking forward to connect n number of monitors to your computer, you would need n number of monitors. One of the important thing to note about n number of monitors is their connection port (whether the monitors have VGA port, DisplayPort, DVI-I port etc).

Multiple Monitor compatible desktop

Desktops normally have one port to connect to display device / monitor. Extra ports for extra monitors can be added by adding a Multiple Monitor Graphics Card. In order to connect extra graphics cards, you would need compatible and available expansion slots in your desktop's motherboard. PCI Express is a quite popular type of expansion slot which can accommodate a multiple monitor graphics card.

Multiple Monitor Graphics Card

There are many graphics cards available for connecting multiple monitors and the cost of multiple monitor graphics card vary a lot depending on many factors. Few of the factors which decide the cost of the graphics card include number of available output ports, inbuilt memory, brand, etc. Graphics cards can broadly be seen as a combination of two brands. The first part is the processor, companies such as NVIDIA, Matrox, ATI etc produce these processors. The second part is the other parts of the graphics card, companies such as Micro Star International etc manufacture graphics cards by taking processors (NVIDIA, ATI Radeon etc). For example NVIDIA created a multi monitor processor NVS 450 and HP took that processor and created the actual graphics card. It might be easy to look for a graphics card by looking with the processor name such as NVS 450 (from NVIDIA), etc

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