Mouse Mover

Mouse Mover is a Software Utility for Windows. You can Move Mouse Cursor to any defined location with this software download. Just define HotKey combinations and desired mouse co-ordinates and whenever you press the HotKey combination on the keyboard, mouse would be moved to the desired location.

Have a look at the ScreenShot of Mouse Mover Software Download which depicts the basic functions of the Mouse Mover. In case it does sounds interesting go ahead and Download Mouse Mover Software Now and start Moving Mouse by pressing Key(s) on Keyboard. Main Screen of Mouse Mover to Move Mouse Cursor

How to use Mouse Mover

Given below steps outline how to use the Mouse Mover Software and Move Mouse Cursor.

Auto Mouse Mover Software to Keep Mouse Cursor Moving Automatically or have a look at Auto Mouse Click Software Download with which you can create and automate Mouse Clicks. You can also explore our Home Page which lists Dual Monitor Software, Mouse Cursor Software, ScreenSaver and much more.