Wallpaper Software

The Wallpaper Software presented here is a small software utility for changing wallpapers easily on Windows computers. The Software allows to change wallpaper with only few clicks in a Windows 7 style wallpaper changer. The Wallpaper Software can be used on Windows 10, Windows Vista and other Windows Operating Systems.

Wallpaper Software to Change Wallpapers easily

Download Wallpaper Software

The Wallpaper Software is offered on a free to try basis. In case you do like the software, you can unlock the trial limitations of the software by paying in a one time registration fee of $5.00 only. Download Wallpaper Software and give it a try for free on a Windows Computer now. The Software will work on Windows 10, Vista, Windows 7, etc and even on 64 bit versions.

Features of Wallpaper Software

Given below are few of the useful features of the Wallpaper Software. Do have a look at the screenshot of the Wallpaper Software displayed to the right of the paragraph to get an idea of how this Wallpaper Software works or continue reading.

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