Frequently Asked Questions for Software Downloads by

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and save you time & efforts looking for them. In case your query is not answered below, please do write to us at and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

How can i Pay the Registration fees ?

You can pay the registration fee using PayPal Account Balance, Credit or Debit Card. In case you want to pay the registration fee using any other payment method, please do write to us at with your desired payment method.

Is the Registration fees One time or Recurring ?

The Software Registration fees is required to be paid only One Time. The One Time fee allows you to get free updates to the application & customer support as well.

Do I get Free Customer Support with Software Registration ?

Yes You do get Free Customer Support for 1 Year from the Date of Software Registration.

I Paid using PayPal Button, When I Will Receive my Registration Key ?

Once you Pay the Registration Fee, our automated system will generate a registration key for you and will send it to you on your email id. The Email ID on which you will receive the registration key will be PayPal EMail ID or the EMail ID you enter during the payment by Credit or Debit Card.

Is is Mandatory to have a PayPal Account for paying the Registration Fee ?

Nops, it is not mandatory to have a PayPal Account to pay the Registration Fee. Once you click on the PayPal Buy Now button, the next page will ask you as to how you would like to Pay and will provide you option to either Pay using PayPal Account or with Credit / Debit Card.

Is Credit / Debit Card Payment / Details Passed to ?

No Credit / Debit Card information is passed to by PayPal. The Secure PayPal Website takes the payment and tells that Payment has been made. will never receive the Credit / Debit Card details and does not have the capability to process Credit / Debit Card Payments.

Are the Software Downloads provided here are free from viruses ?

Yes all the software downloads provided are free from viruses. You can even scan the software downloads using online antivirus websites such as virustotal dot com or some other related websites. These online antivirus websites allow you to upload an exe and they scan the setup or exe using various antiviruses and provide you a detailed report.

Do the Software Downloads work on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ?

Yes the software downloads work on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Even on Windows 8.1 . Few software downloads such as MurGeeMon provide few extra features for Windows 7 Onward Operating Systems as well.

Does MurGee Software Applications Work on Windows 8 ?

Yes MurGee Software Utilities work fine on Windows 8. Software downloads such as MurGeeMon provide few extra features apart from those on Windows Vista, XP, etc.

Are there popup reminders in software downloads for registration ?

There are no popup reminders in any of the software downloads. All the trial software downloads are fully functional softwares and are limited only in the number of usages.

What types of Software Downloads are provided by ?

The Software Downloads provided by are provided as free (freeware) or trial (free to try or shareware) software downloads.

How can i UnInstall the Software ?

You can uninstall any software from from Add / Remove Program of Control Panel.

How can i contact MurGee Softwares ?

Please do write to us at and we will try our best to answer your query as soon as possible.

Can I suggest new features to software applications ?

Yes sure, we would love to hear from you. Depending on technical implementation and other factors, we will try our best to implement the feature suggested and provide you an updated version as soon as possible.

I Receive Error Number 1409, what's wrong ?

Error Number 1409 says, the shortcut key you have configured is already used by some other software. Try using a different shortcut key in the software or find out which other software application is using the same shortcut key combination and change either of them.

Where is the Sitemap of ?'s SiteMap provides an easy way to access all the pages of All the pages have been listed with brief description & are categorised for easy access.

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