Register your copy of Auto Mouse Click Utility

Here you can register your copy of Auto Mouse Click Software Utility and unlock the trial version. There are no extra charges for upgrades to the application.

Screenshot of MurGee Auto Mouse Click Software Utility

Register Now by paying in $9.99 Only

Please click on the link opened by the software to start the registration process. You can pay with Credit or Debit Card or with your PayPal Account.

Once Payment is complete we will send you registration details at your email address. You will receive two emails. One EMail would be your Payment Reciept and Second email you would receive would be from us containing registration details.

Once Payment is Complete, Activate the Software by Entering the Email Address used during the Payment Process.

Once the Software's Free Trial Expires, Click on the Pay Fees Button Button to Open the Payment Page

On the Payment Page, Do Enter a Valid EMail Address which you can Access.

Registration Email

Once Payment is Complete, we will send you registration details. Please do check your email account (both Inbox and Spam folders) after a couple of minutes of the payment completion.

Contact Us

Please do write to us at and we will revert back as soon as possible.

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