Online World Radio

Screenshot of Online World Radio Software Program

Play Online Radio and Television Channels from around the World. Listen to LIVE Streaming and watch Online TV Channels in your own Language. Download Online World Radio Software Program, Play Online Streaming TV and Radio Channels straight from your Desktop.

The Online Radio Software sits with an icon in System Tray allowing you to listen to your selected Radio or TV Channel without worrying about Radio Window in AlT + Tab. The Radio Software can be started Automatically whenever Windows Starts and you can even select to play the Last Radio or TV Channel automatically upon Radio Startup. Changing Radio Channel from the List of available World Online Radio Channels is easy to use as well.

Download the Radio Software and listen to Internet Radio easily and Quickly. In case you do have a good broadband connection, you can even watch Online Streaming TV Channels. All the Radio and TV Channels are Free to watch so you do not need to pay anything for the Radio or TV Channel. However the Online Radio Software Download is provided on a Free to try basis and the asking price is $5.00 Only. You can download and try the Radio Software on your Desktop for free and use it upto 20 times.

In case you would like to have only English Channels, please do have a look at Online English Radio which has the same features and functionality but will list only English Radio and TV Channels. Similarly in case you would like to hear only Indian Radio Channels please do have a look at Indian Radio for Desktop.

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Would like any other Channel(s) to be included in the Online World Radio or TV Channels List ? Or would you like to suggest a new feature or anything else? please do contact us by writing to us at regarding Online Radio Software for Desktop.

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