Indian Radio

Screenshot of Indian Radio's Main Screen Indian Radio Software Utility to Play Online Indian Channels. Play Online Radio or Television Channels. With Online Radio Software Utility you can play Online Radio Channels of variety of Indian Languages. The Channel types vary from Classical, Bollywood, FM Radio Channel, News Channel, etc.

Download Indian Radio Software Utility and listen to your favourite channels easily.

How to Use Indian Radio Software Utility

This document talks about How to Use Indian Radio Software Utility and listen to selected Radio Channel or Watch Online TV Channel.

Please do write to us at in case you feel that any feature should have been implemented in a better way or you would like to see any other Online Channel added to the list of Indian Channels.

Launch Indian Radio Software Utility

Desktop Shortcut to Launch Indian Radio You can launch Indian Radio Software Utility from Programs Menu or Desktop Shortcut. The Desktop Shortcut will be created provided you selected the Desktop Shortcut Option during Installation of the Software Utility.

The Indian Radio Software Utility Once Launched Sits in System Tray and Plays Last Selected Channel. So Let's say you play 1.FM channel and close the application or Shutdown your Computer. When you again launch the Indian Radio Software Utility, the lastly selected channel (in this case it was the FM Radio Channel) would start playing automatically. You would not need to select the channel again and click on the Play button.

Another Double Click on the Desktop Icon would bring up the Main Window of the Application. You can click on the Close Button (at the upper right corner of the Main Window of Indian Radio Software Utility) to hide the Main Window of the Indian Radio Software Utility and keep the selected Radio Channel Playing.

Change Online Channel

Snapshot of Channels Listed on Indian Radio Software Utility The Main Application Window of Indian Radio Software Utility displays a List of available Channels and by default, it plays the first channel from the List. In Order to Change the Channel, just click on any of the available channels from the list and wait for a couple of seconds. Depending on your internet speed and availibility of the selected channel, the newly selected channel should start playing in couple of seconds.

Other ways to Change currently playing Online Channel includes clicking on Play Next Channel button, Play Previous Channel and you can also use System tray Menu of Indian Radio to play Next or Previous Channels. In case currently selected Radio or TV channel is the last in the list, clicking on Play Next Channel would play the First Channel on the List and same for Play previous channel button.

You can also define System wide Hot Key for controlling the Playback of Online Radio or Television channels from the Settings Tab. Please note that when you navigate to the Settings Tab, the playback would stop automatically. Once you are done with defining the System Wide Hot Keys or Shortcut Keys, just navigate to the first tab of the Software Utility and now the last channel playing would automatically start playing again and your System Wide Shortcut Keys to control Radio or Television playback would work as well.

Close Indian Radio Software Utility

System Tray Menu of Indian Radio Software Utility The Indian Radio Software Utility adds an icon to System Tray when running. You can close the Software Utility by selecting Exit from the System Tray Menu as shown in the image. The System Tray Menu can be customized by selecting the customize option to move the Exit Menu option in the System Tray Menu.

Once you close the application, you can start the Software Utility again from the Desktop Shortcut or even add the Shortcut to Startup Programs. Also clicking on the Close button of Indian Radio Software utility just hides it so that you can enjoy your Online Radio Channel or Watch Online TV Channel comfortably.

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