Lock Mouse Onto Monitor

Lock Mouse Cursor onto Monitor with a Configurable HotKey. Press the HotKey again to unlock the mouse cursor from the monitor and allow the mouse cursor to freely roam across Dual Monitors. Status bar of the Dual Monitor Software displays current status of Mouse Cursor along with the Monitor Name onto which the Mouse Cursor is Locked. Download Dual Monitor Software and Lock Mouse Cursor onto your Monitor and work with Dual Monitors with ease.

Lock Mouse Cursor onto any Monitor with configurable HotKey

Lock Mouse Cursor when watching Movie on Primary or Secondary Monitor in a Dual Monitor Computer and work on other Monitor without risking focus change to the video. Please do follow dual monitor link to know about other dual monitor control features offered. Status bar of the Dual Monitor Software will display status of Mouse Cursor at all times, including whether mouse is locked onto a monitor or is free to roam across dual monitors.

Dual Monitor's Status bar Displays Mouse Locked at Monitor 1 or Primary Monitor

How to Lock Mouse onto Monitor

Download Video displaying how to lock mouse cursor onto any monitor in a dual monitor computer setup. Once mouse cursor is locked onto a Monitor, it cannot be moved across the boundary of the selected Monitor, however the only way to move mouse cursor across current monitor is to configure another hotkey to move mouse cursor to the next monitor. When Mouse is moved to other Monitor using the HotKey, the Mouse will be locked onto the other Monitor automatically.

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