Register your copy of MurGeeMon : $5.00 only per computer

Register your copy of MurGeeMon Software by paying in $5.00 Only and unlock the trial version. There are no extra charges for upgrades to the application.Download the Dual Monitor Software (MurGeeMon) or click on MurGeeMon to know more about the software.

The asking amount for the registration of the Dual Monitor Software (For using the software on 1 Windows Computer) is only $5.00 or around 4 Euro(€) or around 4 Pounds (£). The Actual amount charged to your PayPal account or Credit or Debit card will be $5.00 or equivalent amount in your currency (according to the currency conversion exchange rate).

PayPal takes payments for us, your browser will be transferred to Secure PayPal Site as displayed in the image below to start the registration process once you click on the Buy Now button below.

Pay using Credit or Debit Card or PayPal Account

Click on the Buy Now button and follow onscreen prompts. The Payment Page will be able to accept Major Credit / Debit Cards or payment from your PayPal Account. The Payment required (Per Computer Registration) is only $5.00 or equivalent amount according to the currency exchange rate such as around 4 Euro(€), around £ 4 Pounds, etc.

EMail ID as Registration Key

Once the Payment is Complete, you will be able to use your EMail ID as Registration key. In Order to unlock the Trial Limitations, Please enter your EMail ID as Registration Key. In case you pay with PayPal then your PayPal email id would be the registration key or if you pay by Credit / Debit Card, the email id you would enter during the order process would be your Registration Key.

Once you have paid the amount, please enter the EMail ID into the Software Utility when it asks for Registration Key. The Application will be activated in a couple of seconds and the Trial Limitations would be removed.

Contact Us

Please do write to us at and we will revert back as soon as possible.

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